what to expect

at gospel life

Rest for Your Soul

For 6 days and 23 hours a week, we are all bombarded with obligations. But for at least 1 hour a week at Gospel Life, we're reminded that, where God is concerned, Jesus has already fulfilled every obligation for us (Mt 5:17). At Gospel Life, you are guaranteed to find rest in Christ. 

Here's what that looks like:

  • Sermon series that move verse-by-verse through books of the Bible, showing you how every passage points to rest in Christ. You won't find guilt-trips or to-do lists here; just rest (click HERE to learn more)
  • Gospel-focused worship songs (modern songs + hymns)
  • A friendly, casual environment (wear whatever you want)
  • Weekly communion
  • A church family (90-100 people on Sundays) encouraging and praying for one another
  • Weekly grace-centered small groups called Life Groups (click HERE to learn more)

Sunday Order of Service

Come early and grab a donut and some Rooster's Crow coffee! Our service will open with a warm welcome from our pastor and a prayer of confession. We'll then sing 4 songs together, our pastor will give a 30-35 minute sermon, one of our elders will lead us in communion, then we'll close with another song. After the service, feel free to hang out and meet people :)

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