no burdens.

no strings.

just grace.

What to Expect at Gospel Life

1: Rest for Your Soul

  • Gospel-focused worship songs (modern songs & hymns)
  • Sermons that model New Testament preaching: no guilt trips, no self-help principles, no life tips, just Christ and Him crucified (1 Cor 2:2)
  • A friendly, casual environment (wear whatever you want)
  • Weekly communion to remind you that your sins are forgiven
  • A smallish church family (50-60 on a Sunday), made up of people from all walks of life, encouraging and praying for one another
  • Specially tailored plans to help you raise your children in the gospel of grace
  • Weekly sermon-based small group Bible studies called Life Groups. Click HERE to learn more about Life Groups.

2: Blessing for Your City

  • A church where people from all political, racial, and economic backgrounds can unite together under the banner of the gospel

  • Multiple opportunities for you to join us in serving our city and our world

What to Expect at a Sunday Service

Gospel Life is moving to Park Valley Shopping Center in South Huntsville in December of 2021. But until the build-out is finished, our Sunday services are held at Piper & Leaf Tea Company

Before the service begins, help yourself to some Piper & Leaf tea! Our service will open with our pastor welcoming everyone and leading us in a catechism (e.g. The Apostles' Creed, The Nicene Creed, etc.), we will sing 3-4 songs together, our pastor will give a 30-35 minute sermon from the Bible, we'll take communion together, then we'll close with another song. After the service, feel free to hang out and meet people. We are always happy to add people to our family!

"What about my kids?" 

We love kids!! 

Click HERE to see how we serve children. 

Click HERE to see how we serve teenagers.

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