Our elders

  • Tim Kibbey



    Tim is the husband of Amy and the father of three boys, and a citizen of Huntsville since 2008. He has the affinity to explore and create in order to reflect the image of God - whether studying the Scriptures and transforming life of Christ, enjoying the outdoors with his family, playing music, or in his work on rockets at NASA/Jacobs. He is especially interested in the discipleship of men and older children at Gospel Life.

  • David Quinn



    David and his wife Melinda are high school sweethearts that have been married for over 30 years. After spending many years in the Seattle area they moved their family to Athens in 2004, and now live in Huntsville. While two daughters, Rachel and Charlotte live in Huntsville, their oldest daughter Lucy lives in Massachusetts with her husband and David and Melinda’s two grandchildren.  When David is not working as an engineer for Army Aviation, he enjoys spending time with his family, admiring music/art, traveling, and cycling long distances.

    David has always possessed a strong desire to find Truth. He grew up in the church, but didn’t develop a dependent relationship with Christ until after college.  David’s spiritual passion is conveying that eternity is now, and the abundant life attainable in Christ is not reserved for after we die. Over the years, David & Melinda have served in about every area of ministry, including full-time camp/retreat ministry and pastoring a small church.  Their current emphasis is fostering the growth of healthy relationships and vibrant community.  

  • Tom Rogers



    Tom was born into a Christian family 70 years ago and acknowledged Jesus as his savior at an early age. He doesn't remember much of his childhood but he does remember being baptized at Camp El-Har in the swimming pool at about 8 years old. He was active with Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship in college. He has always been active in a local church, so it should have been no surprise that he became a "good Pharisee." But about 20 years ago, God began to show him that his true identity is a holy person on earth with all the resources that Jesus had while He was on earth, and Tom is still learning daily.