1. Intergenerational Worship

For the last 75 years the American Church has tried something unique in the 2,000 year history of the Church: Separating kids from their parents during worship. Now the results are in: IT DOESN'T WORK

New research reveals that kids who are separated from their parents during worship are 40% more likely to stop attending church as adults than kids who worship with their parents (Why They Stay pg. 77). A separate study by Fuller Theological Seminary found the same results (read HERE).

It's also important to note that Scripture just takes it for granted that children are present during corporate worship (Ep 6:1; Co 3:20; De 31:11-13; Jo 8:35; Ne 8:1-2). 

For these reasons, we practice intergenerational worship on Sundays.

What does that look like?

We have a nursery for ages 0-2 and a classroom for ages 3-5 (NOTE: second service ONLY from June - July). Ages 6 and up join their parents in worship and are given a worship packet that includes a toy, crayons, an age-appropriate activity that goes along with the sermon, and a sermon-based family devotional for you to do together at home.

2. Teach them Grace

Researcher Dr. Kara Powell states: "The single strongest predictor of whether a child will attend church as an adult is their ability to articulate the gospel accurately and in terms of grace" (read HERE). Everything we do with kids and their parents centers around the gospel of grace.

3. Kid's Night

On the first Wednesday of each month from 6-8pm we have a kid's worship event in our sanctuary for grades K-5. We have food, games, worship music, and a gospel-focused teaching and activity. 

4. Work Closely with Parents

We walk alongside parents to help them raise their children in the gospel of grace.

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